Are you looking for a reliable and efficient property management service in London? Look no further! My Place Properties is here to provide you with top-notch service that will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. With years of experience in the industry, we are the experts you can trust to handle all aspects of the letting process. Let us take the stress out of finding tenants and managing your property, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Benefits of Our Property Management Service:

  • Expertise: Our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge of the London rental market. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations to ensure your property is always in compliance.
  • Extensive Marketing: We employ a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract high-quality tenants for your property. From online listings to targeted advertising, we make sure your property gets maximum exposure.
  • Thorough Tenant Screening: We understand the importance of finding reliable tenants. Our rigorous screening process includes background checks, credit checks, and reference verification to ensure you get trustworthy tenants.
  • Efficient Rent Collection: Say goodbye to chasing rent payments. Our letting service includes efficient rent collection, ensuring you receive your rental income on time, every time.
  • Property Maintenance: We take care of all maintenance and repairs, promptly addressing any issues that may arise. Your property will be well-maintained, keeping both you and your tenants happy.
  • Legal Compliance: We stay updated with the ever-changing rental laws and regulations in London. Our letting service ensures that all legal requirements are met, protecting your interests as a landlord.

Features of Our Property Management Service:

  • Property Valuation: We provide a detailed property valuation to help you determine the optimal rental price for your property.
  • Property Listing: We create attractive and informative property listings that highlight the best features of your property.
  • Viewings and Inspections: We handle all viewings and inspections, saving you time and effort.
  • Tenant Selection: We carefully select tenants based on their suitability for your property, ensuring a good fit.
  • Lease Agreement: We prepare and manage the lease agreement, ensuring all necessary terms and conditions are included.
  • Inventory Management: We conduct thorough inventory checks before and after each tenancy, protecting your property.
  • Tenant Support: We provide ongoing support to tenants, addressing any queries or concerns they may have.


With our property management service, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands. We are committed to providing exceptional service and building long-term relationships with our clients. Contact us today to discuss your letting needs and let us help you maximize the returns on your investment.

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